There are many reasons as to why we do not utilize “Blue Guns” for our training purposes that are not listed here. However, we do not use them for the following purposes

BIOCHEMICAL​– When facing the "business end" of any weapon system the body will produce a response: “Fight or Flight”. It is then and only then that we obtain the opportunity to truly explore the variable that matter most – "willingness to fight". Biochemically the body will change its composition [cortisol (stress) levels, dopamine, epinephrine (adrenaline), norepinephrine (brain, body, action)]. By working in this manner, we at VODA seek to effectively take small steps to help rewire the clients neurotransmitters thus, increasing the likelihood of survival.

REPETITION & MUSCLE MEMORY​ – Good luck cycling a slide on a "Blue Gun" or nearly any training pistol worth anything for that matter. At VODA we are big on building efficiency through continuous repetition and muscle memory. Whether cycling the slide or loading the cylinder, pressing the trigger, or aligning sights on a real human subject, there is no training pistol that will give you that. Why? Because training pistols simply do not have the same physical attributes of an actual firearm; what they lack are the character, feel, and authenticity of an actual firearm. Like Coke-A-Cola: “There’s Nothing Like The Real Thing”.

REALISM – Why train different that you fight? Even more important, why train different than you fight then expect to perform at optimum levels when it really counts? Even though you are training with a “Blue Gun” or training pistol and you may simulate that with all your heart following the “Safety Rules” (which are meant to be broken to a degree) your brain knows it’s not a real gun thus, it will act accordingly for purposes of efficiency. It should be noted that our Force-on-Force work is truly one of a kind.


BEING TOO PREDICTABLE ​ – If you are too predictable you are easily countered. Hey, the bad guys can read and train too. They are NOT stupid, they either happened to be caught or simply made the wrong decisions.

HIDING BEHIND THE VEIL OF SAFETY – BEING ROOTED IN FEAR ​ - “Instructors”, have this bad. Primarily because of the NRA, yes it is good to be safe, but it’s a negative to be “too safe”. In all honestly, they just don’t want to be sued. With that in mind guess who takes the hit when training with them – YOU. Why? Because the training need for you will be more than likely dumbed down.

I DON’T DO POLITICS ​ – We at VODA don’t care who you vote for, your religious or sexual orientation, what your occupation is, what Board you sit on, what movie you been in, whether or not you’re a Police Officer or in the Military. We focus strictly on Gun-Fighting – nothing else.

UNPREDICTABILITY = UNCONTROLLABLE ​ – This goes for anything in life, if they can’t predict or actions they simply cannot control you. Hence, you become a real threat. We achieve this by the following:

SPEED, SURPRISE, & VIOLENCE OF ACTION  – How fast are you without the bad guy seeing you coming with the maximum level of violence you can administer?

NOT RUTHLESS ENOUGH  – When the time comes to extract the weapon system and press the trigger, there is no time to empathize or sympathize (two of many reasons why hesitation occurs) for the bad guy. Bad Guy does “A” Bad Guy get “B” – simple.

LACK OF CONTROL  – We do not promote recklessness. You must be able to control yourself and not get “caught up” in the moment. VODA provides consultation for this.


For all you Active Duty Range Warriors and Professional Paper Punchers out there, in case you didn’t know there is a difference. Like who the hell in the civilian sector is shooting 300 meters? Like who in the hell in the civilian sector has to qualify to retain their credentials every year? NONE. So the endless debating on why Marksmanship is supreme becomes irrelevant. And no we are not saying that it’s ok to miss your target (like I shouldn’t have to say that but there is always a Keyboard Commando out there). Understand that Gun-Fighting for the civilian falls relatively close 25 yards (22 meters) with majority occurring 7 yards (6 meters) or less.

Although Marksmanship is needed skill with a purpose, in its totality is plays a relatively small part in an actual Gun Fight. It is our position that over emphasis on Marksmanship has become more of a cognition bias in which one's ego is derived by the distance and inches ballistics are recorded on paper, which is counter-productive when it comes to winning an actual Gun-Fight for civilian applications.