Truth is, many people to include "instructors" really don't know what they are talking about when it comes to the "Gun Game" or firearms in general. In fact, many have never even shot anyone - thus, they don't even know if what they are teaching actually works (practice what you preach). As a Social Scientist I urge you to look past cognition biases such as ego, titles and over confidence. Instead, rely on solid research, experience in the field and above all else - REMAIN A LIFE LONG STUDENT.


RULE OF THUMB: If you run into anyone that says they know all there is to know or even pretends that they know it all - GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

I say this because many people will simply regurgitate some information that they heard from someone or somewhere else (online blog, their favorite icon, damn Call of Duty) - my recommendation: Do the research and THINK FOR YOURSELF!

P.S. Don't always rely on the guy behind the GUN COUNTER, POLICE OFFICER or just because someone says that have been in the MILITARY – many of them are just as clueless as many of you. Again, research, experience and consistent learning is a must.